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World War II Honor List
U.S. Army

as of June 1946

Blair, Cecil M PVT KIA
Clem, Cale C T Sgt KIA
Cook, Paul B S Sgt FOD
Crowder, Clyde E M Sgt DNB
Currey, James H PFC KIA
DeBusk, William R 2 Lt FOD
Deering, Clyde L S Sgt DNB
Dillard, Chester A PFC DOW
Doby, John B PVT DNB
Edwards, Wilson W PVT DNB
Gaignat, Charles A 1 Lt KIA
Gryder, Dwight I Sgt DOW
Harris, Vernon N PVT KIA
Hyder, Charles A PVT KIA
King, C B FL O KIA
King, Lee E 1 Lt DNB
Lamb, Leslie L S Sgt DNB
McDonald, Jim W T Sgt KIA
McFadden, William T 2 Lt KIA
McKee, Homer C PVT KIA
Neitsch, Billy B Tec5 DOW
Potts, Robert L Tec5 DNB
Proctor, Joseph M Sgt DNB
Russell, J B S Sgt DNB
Shoulders, Stanley J S Sgt KIA
Smith, Billy H PVT DOW
Smith, Franklin M Sgt KIA
Snider, Billy L PFC KIA
Stanfield, Horace B J FL O DNB
Turner, Leslie R PVT KIA
Tyler, R L PFC DNB
Ward, Norman G Tec4 KIA
Warren, Arnold J PVT KIA
White, Cecil O PFC DNB
Willburn, James N PVT KIA

Type of Casualty

KIA Killed in action
An individual who was killed in action, whether at the front, or by enemy action in rear areas, or if a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping.
DOW Died of Wounds
Individuals who were wounded and later died.
DNB Died, Non-Battle
Other line-of-duty deaths, such as from sickness, homicide, suicide, or accidents outside combat areas, including training and maneuver deaths.
FOD Finding of Death
Indiduals who were determined to be dead under public law 490.
The case of when, and only when, there is conclusive proof that the person is dead, or equally overwhelming evidence that under the circumstances the person could not have remainded alive. These findings are made only after review and after a lapse of at least one year from the time of disappearance.

Source: The National Archives